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Bears Restoration – About Us

We operate in Berkeley and its surroundings and offer expert services and solutions in all things pertaining to water damages and mold. Such hazards may afflict residential properties, commercial properties, offices, and the like and are usually the result of prolonged exposure to humidity, moisture, or water.

Offering water damages repair services and mold mediation services means we offer a comprehensive solution for customers suffering from such ordeals.

Water damages

Bears Restoration’s expert technicians are extremely experienced when it comes to dealing with water damages such as:

  • Water removal
  • Water damages in basements
  • Water damage repair and restoration
  • Water extraction

The most important thing there is to know about water damage is that every minute counts. Left unattended, water can cause serious damages and even create dangerous circumstances as it weakens infrastructure such as walls, staircases, floors, and the like. This is precisely the reason why such situations should be taken care as quickly as possible.

Mold testing and removal

Mold, in opposed to what many people believe, is not only an aesthetic problem. In some case it may actually pose a serious health threat. Some types of mold can even be toxic. Where there is mold there are mold spores poring through the air. When breathed or inhaled over extended periods of time, serious respiratory conditions may ensue. This is why our expert technicians will gladly offer you these services:

  • Mold testing
  • Mold inspection
  • Mold detection
  • Mold removal and remediation
  • Black mold removal

Bringing with them the most innovative equipment our professional teams will quickly detect whether or not you have mold and what type of mold you are dealing with.