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Flood damage has been a problem to some homeowners in Berkeley. Faulty pipes, leaked toilets, storms and other uncontrollable phenomenon can contribute to this problem.

Why Seek for Restoration Services?

It is undeniably true that some people would prefer to fix the problem by their selves. Without prior experience and skills, they try to keep their home in its normal state so that they will not pay anything for restoration services. However, it can be damaging and risky to fix a faulty pipe, clean a moist basement or repair the leaked ceilings. Any mistake can cause further repair which entails an added expense. Therefore, it is advised to seek the expertise of a professional technician who can easily repair the flood damages with safety and security of your valuable properties.

Choosing Bears Restoration

In Berkeley, there is only one Restoration Company you can trust and that is Bears Restoration. We do not only have licensed, bonded and insured technicians, but we are also fully armed with advanced tools to make every repair possible. If your basement is flooded or some of the pipes are leaked, there is nothing to worry about. We will conduct thorough assessments to ensure that every problem is solved without further damages. Our technicians have years of experience in restoration services so you can be assured that everything is in good hands.

Our company works round the clock because we know that restoration problem can happen anytime. If your home is flooded abruptly, you can call us for an urgent restoration services. We will not hesitate to help you in this kind of situation because having a flood damaged home can be stressful and frustrating. But if your problem can be delayed, you can freely ask a quote from us. We have several customer service representatives who will provide you the range of services and its corresponding prices. So, whatever time of the day, Bears Restoration will be there to help.

No Hidden Charges

No hidden charges are applied in all our services. We do have a fixed rate in everything so there is no reason for you to pay more than what the quotation tells you. Just give us a call, check our website or visit our main office. We would be more pleased to give you an idea on how we fixed your flood damaged home.