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Mold Removal Professionals in Berkeley

Mold – can’t live with it, can’t… well, live with it

There is nothing more depressing than finding out that a new tenant has settled into your house, usually without your consent, and that now you are sharing your beloved home with mold. All it takes is a little water, humidity, or moisture, a relatively dark space or corner, and there you have it – mold has come to pay a visit.

Mold is not only an aesthetic problem, mold can be dangerous

While many people may mistakenly think that mold is nothing more than an aesthetic problem, it can be a lot more serious than that. Sure, mold is not a pleasant sight as it makes things look old and poorly maintained. But as previously mentioned this should be the least of your worries. Some types of mold, like black mold, can be toxic and extremely dangerous. Mold releases mold spores into the air, which in turn, are breathed in by residents of the infected house. Exposure to mold over lengthy periods of time can result in serious respiratory illnesses or other health conditions.

This is why mold testing and removal services are so important.

Why choose Bears Restoration?

When it comes to mold quick action is advised. The sooner you have the situation contained and handled the sooner it will be safe again to stay in the infected house. Towards that end we provide our customers with professional solutions and with these benefits and advantages:

  • 24/7 Availability: our call center is always available. Day or night, we are right here, ready to receive your call and take care of business.
  • ETA: reacting quickly is an important part of resolving mold situations.
  • Professional teams: as earlier discussed, mold is no laughing matter. It should be handled with extreme professionalism and proficiency, especially when talking about toxic black mold. Only certified technicians who can perform precise mold testing and therefore determine whether or not you have mold in your house and what kind of mold has taken residence in it will be able to completely remove it.