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Berkeley Storm Damage Removal through Bears Restoration

When a storm comes, there is a lot left in its wake. Depending on the severity of the storm, there can be anything from small puddles and destroyed anthills to huge floods and destroyed homes. Here in the Berkeley area, we can sometimes see a lot of rainfall and that can lead to the kind of floods that can affect a home. Your home could see a lot of storm damage, whether from water and rainfall or wind. When a big disaster like this arises, it’s important to know what you should do and who you should call for help. Bears Restoration is a professional home restoration team that provides Berkeley storm damage removal.

What Gets Damaged from Storms

All parts of your home can get damaged from stormy weather, but here are some more details on what exactly happens.


The roof is one of the first places to go in a bad storm. If your room has asphalt shingles, for example, those shingles can become significantly damaged, cracked, and ruined in a bad storm. Replacement or repair may be necessary. Seams can crack or tear, and whole pieces of roofing can break loose. Holes, leaks, cracks, and more are common indicators of a roof affected by storm damage. When this happens, it’s important to repair or replace the shingles right away because otherwise, mold will grow and the wood will rot. It’s even worse when debris has been tossed around in the storm.


Additionally, the exterior walls are affected by a storm. Whether it’s rain, debris, wind, or hail, the exterior of your home is vulnerable to cracking and chipping. Most likely you’ll see signs of dings, dents, holes, chipping, and the like.


Another very vulnerable place due to what they are made out of, windows are likely to be affected by storm damage. Glass may crack, window casings can be damaged, the frame or panes are broken, and more.

Attic and Basement

The attic is often affected because it’s directly below the roof. Keeping your attic free from collected moisture is critical, but it’s difficult to do. The same is true for the basement. You’ll want to check up on them regularly anyway, but especially right after a storm. Call professionals at Bears Restoration if you see any dark stains on the walls/ceiling or pooled water or any other possibility of storm damage.

Our Services

Here at Bears Restoration we deal with storm damage quickly and efficiently. We will inspect thoroughly for any and all signs of damage, and then we will exercise care to inspect for mold.  We’ll restore your home to its pre-storm condition whether that means repairing or replacing parts of the home to ensure that it’s structurally sound.