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Wet Basement Service in Berkeley

A wet basement can mean anything from a crack in the wall to problems with your crawl space to a busted pipe to a problem with your septic tank. These kinds of messes can get really ugly, and the more you try to do on your own to fix them, the uglier they get. The best thing to do when you have a Berkeley wet basement is to contact a professional team of home restorers to take care of things for you. That is what we here at Bears Restoration are all about – restoring your home and your basement to its pre-flood condition. We’re open 24/7 to receive your emergency call.

Quick Action

The first thing to do when you notice that you have a wet basement is to call us right away. If you wait to call for a long while, then you could risk water seeping into your flooring, walls, and worse. With the basement especially, the whole foundation of the house could be affected by delaying that one phone call. Save yourself from the potential disasters of home damage by calling Bears Restoration in Berkeley as soon as you notice the problem. We’ll respond by sending someone out there right away with professional grade equipment and training to resolve it for you. With our expertise in knowing how to deal with these situations as they arise, we will be able to easily dry out your basement and restore the home. We’ll follow up with a thorough inspection to ensure that no moisture is left and that no mold is growing in the walls or other places hidden out of sight.

How To Prepare For and Prevent Future Problems

As the homeowner, you need to be prepared for the possibility of this happening. Particularly during the rainy seasons, homes with basements are prone to getting their basement flooded. There are several things you can do. First, you can regularly inspect the basement – don’t just walk down there, but look all around the walls and corners once a day or at least once every couple days to see if there are signs of moisture. Additionally, try to keep the basement ventilated. Open the windows to allow it to dry out, but be sure to close them at the first sign of precipitation. Furthermore, consider putting a water sensor down there. Keeping one of those around ensures home security even when you’re not around to check it – you’ll receive an alert on your phone or computer telling you that something’s triggered the sensor. The quick notification could save you the potential damages of having to discover it hours or days later when you return. You can always call Bears Restoration to come out and resolve the situation for you.